Our revolutionary approach toperi-implant diseases

A microbiome-based test designed for dentists for prevention, early diagnosis and personalized treatment indications for peri-implant diseases.

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A new easy tool for prevention and personalized medicine to support oral health professionals

The test can provide:

an early diagnosis integrating clinical data
the prognosis and the severity assessment of mucositis and peri-implantitis
accurate suggestions for a therapeutic and a personalized maintenance plan


Using the PreBiomics lmplantTest, a peri-implant plaque sample is collected with a small sterile tool. After the sampling, the PreBiomics Web Platform is filled in with the clinical data of the patient and the sampled implant.


Once the clinical data reported on the Web Platform has been received, PreBiomics takes care of the collection of the sample from the dental clinic.


The heart of PreBiomics lies in the analysis of the oral microbiome DNA by using computational metage­nomics techniques and its own predictive artificial intelligence algorithms.


A report is produced based on the results obtai­ned from the analysis. This report contains infor­mation on the oral microbiome composition, a predictive risk index, Peri-implantitis Microbio­me Score, capable of an early prediction of the development of peri-implant diseases and thera­peutic suggestions that can be useful for the clinician to develop a personalized treatment plan for the patient.

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