Shotgun metagenomics provides a comprehensive snapshot of the entire microbial community present in a given environment. Our service employs state-of-the-art sequencing technologies and bioinformatics tools to allow us to identify and characterize the multitude of known and unknown bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms present, shedding light on their functional capabilities, interactions, and potential impact on health or specific applications.

Data Analysis

Strain-level variants within microbial species are crucial in determining their functional capacities within their communities. We integrate the latest bioinformatic tools to characterize microbial species at the genetic and functional level using assembly-based and assembly-free metagenomic approaches. Our pipeline enables deep exploration of microbial communities and the discovery of strain-level associations with any health conditions and phenotypes, as well as the characterization of the evolution and transmission of microbial strains.

Functional microbial profiling aims to describe the potential of a microbial community and its specific members. With the latest computational tools available we efficiently and accurately profile the presence and abundance of microbial pathways in a community from both metagenomics and metatranscriptomics sequencing data.

Machine learning has been an emerging key element in metagenomics where it is used for tasks such as associating human microbiome features with host phenotypes and complex diseases. The machine learning tools frequently used in basic and clinical research range from classification and regression to clustering and dimensionality reduction, and the identification of specific biomarkers for different groups of interest is crucial in a clinical research setting.
We provide ad-hoc machine learning algorithms and biomarkers analysis for metagenomics and metatranscriptomics projects.

The global worldwide spread of antimicrobial resistance is a major concern, making the prevalence of antibiotic-resistance genes among microbial communities an area of significant interest. We provide a pipeline to identify AMR genes using the most recent databases and advanced algorithms to access the prevalence and relative abundance of those genes.


Metatranscriptomics delves into the dynamic world of gene expression within microbial communities, revealing the real-time functions and activities of these microorganisms. This analysis provides crucial insights into how microbes interact and adapt to their environment. Our metatranscriptomics sequencing service enables a deeper understanding of microbial functions, pathways, and responses in various fields such as healthcare, environmental studies, biotechnology, and beyond, driving discoveries and applications that leverage the power of gene expression in complex biological systems.

R&D study design

We provide tailored solutions to optimize study protocols, ensuring validated methods, efficiency, and compliance with regulatory standards. From protocol development and statistical analysis planning to endpoint selection and risk assessment, our services are crafted to enhance the quality and success of your R&D projects.